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Alabama law requires that both parents to support their child financially until the child turns 19 or graduates from high school, whichever comes first. The amount that each parent must contribute is based on the parents' combined monthly gross income. The court will determine a noncustodial parent's monthly child support contribution based on a number of factors, including:

  • How many children a couple has together
  • Day care expenses
  • The number of days and nights that each parent spends with each child
  • Health care expenses and who covers them
  • Whether the noncustodial parent is currently paying child support to someone else

Whether you are a custodial parent who will receive child support or a noncustodial parent who expects to pay support, Joshua D. Friedman, the Mobile and Baldwin County family law attorney at Barry A. Friedman & Associates, P.C., will protect your interests as well as your child's best interests. Our experience and thorough knowledge of Alabama family law, including the state's child support guidelines, helps us assist our clients in reaching a fair resolution.

We Ensure Accuracy And Enforcement

In many cases, determining a parent's true income can be difficult. A person's salary may fluctuate if he or she works primarily on commission, is a seasonal worker, or has other sources of income such as performance bonuses or profit-sharing. Accurately determining income also can be challenging if a parent owns his or her own business.

We have worked with clients from a broad spectrum of income levels and complexity. If necessary, we work closely with forensic accountants and other specialists who help us obtain a clear picture of a person's income.

Unlike custody and visitation issues, in which the court provides parents more flexibility in developing a parenting plan, child support follows more rigid guidelines. It is possible to deviate from the standard guidelines, however, when circumstances warrant. Examples of when this may be necessary include a child who has extraordinary long-term educational costs or when the parents' combined income exceeds a certain threshold. We can assist you if circumstances warrant seeking an amount above or below the guideline amount.

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