Child Support Modifications Attorney Serving Mobile And Baldwin Counties

Life changes more rapidly than ever, for parents as well as children. As a result, an existing custody and visitation plan or a child support order that originally made sense may no longer work. Parents' schedules change with job changes or incomes fluctuate, a child's needs may change or a child's extracurricular interests may get in the way of an existing parenting plan.

Even if you reach agreement to change a parenting plan or child support payments amicably, it is important to obtain court approval with help from an experienced lawyer. Operating with only a verbal agreement may put you at risk of facing contempt charges if the other party rescinds the agreement.

If you need to change an existing court order regarding child custody, visitation or child support in Mobile or Baldwin counties, we can help. Because Alabama family courts favor stability for children when their parents end a relationship, obtaining a modification requires a convincing argument for making a change. A parent who wants to alter the custody and visitation plan, for example, must demonstrate the following:

  • A material change in the circumstances since the existing order regarding custody was made.
  • The custody change is in the child's best interest.
  • The benefits of a change in a parenting plan outweigh the disruptive effects of changing the existing orders.

We also can defend against a petition to modify an existing court order. If your child's other parent is seeking to relocate far enough away that it will impact your relationship with your child, we can advocate on your behalf to prevent such a move.

Changing Child Support

Significant fluctuations in income, extended unemployment, or a change in one parent's health that requires the other parent to significantly increase the amount of time that he or she cares for a child are some examples why a modification to child support may be necessary. Often, a modification to custody or visitation triggers a modification to child support as well.

Our family law attorney can answer your questions regarding modifications and provide a candid assessment of your situation during an initial consultation. Email us to schedule a meeting. Our firm works with residents throughout Mobile County, Baldwin County and much of southern Alabama.